New Reader!?

Hi and welcome to my blog shut up and dance, a blog of life comics done by me. Who am i? I’m 15 and my names huntingbyrd or otherwise known as rowen. I write and hand draw comics and they’re somewhat up to date of whats going on in my life. You CAN start from the beginning but they’re really sucky so if you can read weird small writing i think your cool. I’d advise you to go back till you can’t read it anymore. Anyway enjoy!



  1. Some times Moms are just cranky like that

  2. You are very talented….and funny.

  3. P.S. Your picture looks like the area around Lynton and Lynmouth of which I have happy memories.

  4. thank you! The picture actually came with the theme and i wasn’t sure where it was. but now i know.

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