About Me

I am a typical 15 year old, if you count having four mothers and no fathers being typical. I not only have two divorced lesbian moms, but they have partners too.I horsesback almost once a week and dance around twice a week. I’m going to a collage prep school and its so far my 1st year of high school. I’ve been riding for 5 or 6 years and dancing for 6 years.I love drawing especially cartoons and I also like to read lots of manga which is a Japanese style comic book. My goal someday is be a professional cartoonist, be a professional pilot and to visit japan. I guess i have a lot more goals but those are the top 3. if you would like to see more of the other artwork stuff i do then visit http://huntingbyrd.deviantart.com/



  1. Just checked out your blog, good job there kid! Mom

  2. good job rowan! i love this!

  3. Hi Rowen– nice work! In addition to being darned funny, you integrate images and dialog very well. –rick, the bike guy

  4. Very cool, Rowen. I really like your drawings!

  5. haha i’m just a random internet user (college student, M, procrastinating), your comics are funny and adorable. also, you’re probably more literate than i am. . . props

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