Posted by: huntingbyrd | March 1, 2010


Hey everybody! sorry i haven’t posted in a bigillion years. I have comics lined up and inked, just haven’t had time to post and scan them. So I’m not sure if i mentioned this or not (this is regarding the comic) but i hate it when my friends get their haircut. It makes me think they’re conspiring against me or something. Then when they do get it cut i have to draw it up to date. Anyway not much has been happening except for awesome and stressful filled school. Oh yeah and I’m moving again but my parents have found a house which is bona (which means good in Latin) and the best part is its near my friends house. I can play call of duty at his house and I’ll get better!! yay! ok see ya.



  1. I’ve seen a bunch of the web comics with big changes in style from the beginning strips to the present. Your evolution is going just fine.

  2. hahahahahahahaha…I won’t cut my hair, I promise!

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