Posted by: huntingbyrd | December 19, 2009


hey everyone! sorry i haven’t posted in a month! But i promise you comics for i have a 2 week winter break! I have been really stacked up on finishing my 6 page research paper and getting ready for finals in 4 weeks. Actually i’ve been so busy that Thursday night i stayed up till 1 and last night i stayed up till 1 or 2 cause i went to a sleepover. I don’t have any recent comics but do have this one from last month that was to be posted but had to wait. Now i have a comic overload.



  1. Why?

    Or do I deserve the same question if I reveal doing

  2. we did this to test the electric current in the pickle.

  3. that makes about as much sense as Avatar’s trees, or plugging electrolytic caps into a wall socket, or dropping a 77 Kelvin pumpkin from 30 m up, or soaking a cigarette in LO2 — all of which is great as art

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